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SAAC – Sustainability Advanced Analytics Consultancy

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Beschrijving van de organisatie

SAAC is an independent data science consultancy focused on sustainability. Our mission is to help organisations to demonstrate transparency and accountability through the strategic exploitation of data. Our services include:

1) sustainability reporting: Which data /data model is required, How to gather/process/model/visualise/report sustainability data? To whom to report? Which dedicated infrastructure is required? Which standards/legislations to comply?
2) data-driven sustainability strategies: How to valorise sustainability data for planet/profit/people/positive impact? How to use continuous sustainability monitoring to design/implement/validate new sustainability strategies?

3) training and research on sustainability analytics: how to organically integrate data-driven sustainability strategies into organisations’ core operations? How to lead by example?

Our impact metrics allow to maximise return of investment and autonomy of our clients.

Bijdrage aan Breda Circulair
Digitalisation, Big Data, Advanced Analytics, AI are boosting the transformation towards more sustainable economy. As data science experts we play a big role in the circular ecosystem to facilitate and fastening this transition.